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Olivia Rodrigo Reveals Her Therapist’s Reaction to ‘Brutal’: ‘Have I Not Grown at All?’

Olivia Rodrigo as of late gotten serious about her specialist’s response to the tune “fierce.” The track was one of many raving successes from Rodrigo’s honor winning 2021 collection Sour. This is what the pop said with regards to the hit and different times she has drilled down into treatment before.

Olivia Rodrigo shared her therapists’ reaction to her song ‘brutal’

In a December 2021 meeting with Time, Olivia Rodrigo got real to life regarding how making music affects her. “Songwriting is what I approach most in a serious way in my life,” the 18-year-old said. “It’s the most expressly satisfying as well.”

She got serious about the songwriting system for the tracks on Sour, her introduction collection as an independent craftsman. “I in a real sense thought of them in my room,” Rodrigo said. “Furthermore I figure you can tell.”

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The vocalist additionally talked about her advisor’s response to “ruthless,” the primary tune on Sour. “She was like, ‘That tune resembles all that we talk about today,'” Rodrigo portrayed. “What’s more I’m like, ‘Gracious, no! Have I not developed by any means?'”

Talking about ‘brutal’ isn’t the first time Olivia Rodrigo has shared about her therapist’s reaction to her songs

Olivia Rodrigo has been real in the past with regards to her psychological well-being and treatment. Addressing Time about “fierce” wasn’t whenever she first has shared her advisor’s response to one of her melodies.

In an April 2021 discussion with Interview Magazine, Rodrigo uncovered that her advisor was moved to tears by the melody “drivers permit,” the lead single from her Sour collection and the track that ostensibly sent off her music profession.

“As of late individuals have begun coming dependent upon me and being like, ‘I truly love your tune. It assisted me with traversing a truly tough time,'” Rodrigo said. “That is simply a major honor. I feel like they can perceive the truth about me, not this character that I’m playing or this script that I’m perusing.”

She added, “It’s being gotten all around well by grown-ups which is insane. At the point when it previously came out, my advisor called me and she was like, ‘Young lady, I’ve been hitched for a very long time, I’m 40, however this tune makes me cry.'” 

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